We stock quality Australian Made Marine Paint and
Specialty Finishes by NORGLASS.
Norglass products provide a comprehensive range
of single and 2 pack paints and surface treatments
designed for extreme circumstances. We also
stock Norglass fillers and glues, sealers, primers
and undercoats, clears and solvents. These
products are easy to use, give a great finish and are
readily available. Our staff offer excellent
knowledge and back up technical information from
our supplier.

We also stock BOTE-COTE Marine Epoxy Systems
which is the Australian developed and manufactured
epoxy for wooden and composite boat building.
It is great for restoration and repairs. It is much
safer than other epoxies available and offers an
easy 2:1 mix. Bote-cote also offer a non-yellowing
epoxy for a clear finish and sealing the timber to

We supply Polyester Resin, Gelcoats, Flowcoats
and Catalysts to suit. Polyester is easy to use and
the most economical of the resin options as well as
providing dimensional stability and chemical resistance.
We stock small quantities through to 20
Litre drums as well as fibreglass reinforcements,
waterproofing materials, release agents, expanding
foams, solvents, filler powders, brushes, rollers and

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